…Those golden oldays

January 15, 2010

I am struck with the idea that back in the day before the advent of a television in every house the older generation, like the older generations are likely to do with any new technology that is loud and confusing to the well experienced ears and eyes, rejected it on general principal. The idea of tele was offensive to some of them. Well I mean not unanimously I am sure there were some ultra hip Grandfathers and Grandmothers that were into whatever was being shown at the time. However, from what I am told the vast majority of the older generation thought it would rot your brain and turn it into soup.  Lately I feel like most of the people around me have the “soup” brain as I am sure they think the same about me. (No way to tell how others view us but wouldnt it be cool if we could). But having not been around for the beginning of television I guess my findings are just things I picked up from people I know and the internet. Not being much of a researcher when the target is something as specific as the correlation between the dumbing down of society to the growth of TV sets in the home. Heck nowadays you can watch tv on your phone or on the bus thru your laptop. We never seem to want to disconnect especially when you start to consider texting…its almost like humanity has a reoccurring need to be plugged into something..I mean back in the day when there was no TV or wavelengths traveling the globe in anyway may be following Jesus around was like watching the latest episode of CSI or more realistically Survivor. Have we always felt the need to be plugged in?


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