…eager young thoughts

January 16, 2010


  It spans out in front of you seemingly endless except for your part in it. As for involvement it is only fleeting but what about amusement in the wasting of it. As of right now I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of an event. I have wasted this whole week thinking about it and allowing it to cover not only judgment but the very enjoyment of the week as it played out. A waste of such a good time in my life a callous dumping of things that should have been well savored. I wonder if I will wish back upon these days from a bed of hobbled injury unable to move and remember with pity this arrogance. No matter, the week is gone and the hours leading up to the event will be wasted as well a slow streaming diet of flash and gesture. And by the end of the day ultimate joy and the casual dumping of one more week or ultimate sorrow and easy guilt. Do the moments only matter when they are gone and are we all destined to learn the truth of something only when we have forever given it up or lost it?


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