January 19, 2010

  The dazzling wit of a colonized ant combined with two parts fine jeweled under-acheiver a push an a  nudge of intuition  a rumble towards money for ease of existence and POOF; Armageddon, the end of time, what does it get you? A drink so named for some dazzling feat of life you will never and have never accomplished. memorialized for ever on the menu of every cheap dime novel bar with a happy hour and a strange crowd draw.  It’s too hard at this point to choke at the air for balance or arrange enough sand to reach back into time. This precipice, of my own creation and by-product of an over active: better yet over acting: even better yet over stimulated adolescent grab for attention. Is it so easy to surpass the naked chance for an aggression check? Your call, right?


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