January 20, 2010

  I was arguing with Tym, well not real arguing, we were having a nice sports fan argument about something and I quoted GiJoe and he went cold on the other end of the cell. It was one of those moments were I knew right away he had no clue what I was speaking about which is usually the case in 80% of my interactions with people. Problem is this is a friend someone my own age that should have the same markers for a youth spent dreaming. 

“…Knowing real is half the battle….”-GiJoe

  He left me feeling like commodity fruit. You know the kind? It comes in right at the tail end of whatever its replacing usual harvest cycle. Sometimes you get it by mistake cause at first its a little cheaper. It has a strange look, a different color but its subtle and the flavor isn’t wrong more like off. It’s just plain off.  Grown in some place where the sun is set all the time under conditions close to slavery tended by bonded hands and sore mouths. Fruit needs love otherwise all you can taste is survival. How vile is it to you that love blooms the very taste you crave? Is love the true true cannibalism?


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