January 20, 2010

  At a glance thought is the wonderful predicament of the world of the flesh but only if all you desire  is to be locked into that world. What of thought and the world of the mind and not the complex film and tv versions with non-stop loops of insanity filled pages and worlds where reason has no in. Why do they always wish us to believe that worlds of pure fantasy would be purely inconsistent with the reality of law. A classic version of  the oh no here come the anarchists or the guy with the hook hand. Countless moral and urban tales subtly guiding you to a free decision.  Even you must realize by now that the decision process itself is based on factors only perceived within the confines of your own reality. I mean what do you base your decisions on? Where do you get your facts? In a world where everything is but a text away what do you use for education? Do you believe in your teachers? Do you believe in your preachers and Rabbis? Do you believe in your internet search engine? What would your facebook and twitter friends do?  Where do they get their facts. If every decision you make and have made is based by weighing facts and experience and all your facts and experience come from the same mouth what choice are you making? Remember, a very important lesson that carries it’s own urban legend filled with morals and dogmas, never bite the hand that feeds you? :even if it is the hand that holds you down?


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