January 21, 2010

  Never in any way trying to seem callous about what went into the right to vote for every citizen of the state. The boys lost to the hurricane of fear and hate tha was Mississippi and all over the country. Hoover boys doing there things once employed to sway the vote now enforcing the right to vote. I understand that it is the foundation of what we have achieved and in no way was I trying to question that.  It seems that the war over its power forces all of its soldiers to mis-represent the real truth and bearing. If you are too small to force any real change and if you are in no way significant to what is going on, the true goings on, then how much attention does your one choice get. If we are all allowed to vote, every citizen has been given that inalienable right and it is widely excepted and universally promoted. So much so that whenever we finish the invasion of any new territory we rush to have the people participate in their own elections. Trying to appease the guilt that comes after any slaughter no matter how just is foolhardy. But trying to convince the world: We bring freedom. You can vote for who you like. We bring choice. Is foolish. I don’t think they believe or trust us.

 In no way would I ever dishonor the memories of those that fought and died for those rights. In no way would I tarnish any fighter that held their beliefs to heart and stood for something.

I am just asking something simple. Where do the people we vote for come from? Who is getting the first choices?


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