January 21, 2010

  Not to get too politically minded and not to get too stuck on that kind of thing. I don’t vote, I don’t much see the use in it. I mean don’t get me wrong I understand why we vote I see the power it pretends to infuse the people with. Certainly I can see the warmth and energy it grants certain parties as the run door to door trying to press their opinion of candidate. The bottom line and the most disturbing part for me is the absolute shallowness and falseness that this grandstanding device becomes the center of what people believe the country that is America means. The ability of being sold the power to change anything in your surroundings is a powerful elixir. When you magnify that by the awe and pomp of government it belays its own little mind marching device. I think we miss-value the types of damage we can do to each other by simple neglect. People not only need to feel loved but they need to know that they have the ability to not only be noticed but appreciated for their input. You might not have what it takes to become the next Senator from your district but you can choose the one to back and canvass any neighborhood you wish in  prostrating belief for that candidate. Your own tiny way of belonging to something. Your very own expression of noticed. Good job, you made the difference you made this happen. Belief the strongest conviction you can show in a world unchanged by those around it. Told a butterfly in Tokyo can change the weather in Iceland, if a bug can do that oh what I can do…oh what I can do too.  After all you are better than a bug?


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