January 22, 2010

  I am carried away by the notion of a higher reasoning. The kind that dictates its Geneva code and articles of the Shadow proclamation. Sorry even in jest I want this to pretend that the core is the irrational and that the irrational is the voice of its own god. Not your G-D mind you in no way am I trying to be sacrilegious that would defeat the very purpose of all that I am trying to do. Please don’t lump me in with those Roman Catholic drama queen typo that’s all the rage now. I can’t even afford park avenue living in a one-by in freakin’ Philly and who are you to tell me to tow the line and justice will follow. Or to bid my time and let life allow.

Oh by the way the pantry man is showing his true colors and what are we to follow? Christ if it’s about lust then satisfy your own dead horse cravings and leave me the heck out of  it. I mean H E double f’n hockey sticks if this is the way you want it than I supplicate my field c’mon take me…do what you want. I exist on the plasi-dimension coil that you persist is mine when we both know how you truly feel.

It’s just not fair she got those diamonds, I mean where is justice these days?


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