January 23, 2010

Do I talk in yesterdays too? Every word  fully laced with an event that portrays me as a star circa 10 years ago or more. It’s almost as if these days that surround me now have a different taste. Kind of like always loving peanut butter sandwiches and then next thing you know you love grape sandwiches. It’s a change in the very core of you or something you do and its sudden and holds no subtlety. As shaking as a change from liking Elvis to the Beatles. You go about your business with the fact of who you are placed firmly into the life you lead. Every little habit or crutch that makes up your day provided by some stimulus or input that describes your likes and dislikes. You make sense to yourself which helps you make sense out of the world. In a way your sight defines your life so why does it change so out of the blue with no warning?

Remember when you were little and your parents would tell you that you need to grow into liking a certain food?


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