January 26, 2010

 Ugh, thats what I can produce today just Ugh. I am tired of winter I am tired of cold. I want to feel the warmth of the sun flooding my little corner of the earth or I would like to move my little corner of the earth someplace else. Anyone have a house sitting gig in Malibu? Yeah like anyone on that coast would be reading this. I always wonder about the day the ocean comes and takes your house and property back into the sea. How does that work I am sure insurance doesn’t cover the vestiges of time. Do you suddenly own a spot in the sea? Can you own the tide if it is just in a small area, say the size of a giant house that used to overlook it? I can just imagine with my luck how it would work. I finally fulfill my dream of a grand house overlooking the sea only to have that same sea wriggle free of its moorings and claim my tiny spot in the world, my home as its own. This will  probably occur right after my third mortgage payment. You know right after everything is finally moved in  just the way we like it. With my outstanding luck the first guest would be the tide. Knock knock, is it the new neighbours with pie to greet the homeowner? Naw its’ the ocean your first house guest. Ever have a  guest you just can’t seem to get rid off? You know the kind that doesn’t seem to take a hint? I think we are the house guests missing hints sometimes. What happens at settlement? Do they warn you about the endless movement of the earth? Does the house inspector explain entropy? Do you call in a geologist? Perhaps it’s more than just accruing the wealth to secure one of those Malibu houses you also have to have a degree in topology. Or perhaps I am just cold and in need of a day at the beach..warm sun..warmer sand..the samd of the tide…the knowledge that something that old and wonderful has never skipped a beat and has just been waiting to reclaim the rest of the world.


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