…cold cold cold

February 17, 2010

  I feel like I owe the weather money and its pissed.



February 16, 2010

everywhere you go there will be something you want but it will never be something you need and in the end its weight will cause you to miss out on some very fun and important aspects of life

they create this desire in you basically due to the fact that we as a country (US) no longer produces anything

we are consumers we are on welfare we are state prisoners poster children for the lack of decent education or the right kind of education

 the world are consumers and producers which are you?

why isn’t teaching as glorious as catching a fly ballls maybe if we sold seats at school


February 12, 2010

  Amazed by the growth of the people that used to be around me everyday…facebook what an interesting resource to plot the time line of old friends lives. I feel old today but not accomplished sort of kept back a grade and all the old music I am feeding myself a steady diet of is making me more wishy washy


February 10, 2010

  I live in a townhouse and on days like this with the snow and everyone outside and not at work it feels stuck, the day. Like it doesn’t exist and the blanket of snow is the final act. at least it looks pretty


February 9, 2010

Sometimes the people you lose take the best parts of you with them


February 9, 2010

Sometimes the people you lose take the best parts of you with them


February 5, 2010

  It’s not enough to make them move you have to do it in a way that doesn’t make you look foolish when it’s viewed 10, 30 even 50 years later. You think youtube is bad now wait till the phones and the network catch up. It’s going to be a broadcasters world, whole bunches of commentary overiping on the vines of telecommunication. The better we talk the worse we get. How is that possible?


February 4, 2010

Man oh man feel old


January 29, 2010

  Computers…..blue screen of death…forgot admin password….everything gon…exclusion drive….wrong one need usb…….back to store……ugh